Row Rage

Yes, it is rowing, and it is so much more!
Row Rage is a unique, high-intensity, total-body strength and conditioning program.
Unlike spinning, running, and other cardio exercises, rowing has the added advantage of being low-impact.
That means you are protecting your joints while still completing a great, calorie burning workout. Healthy joints lead to healthy, happy people and their longevity!
Now, did you know rowing recruits 84% of your body’s muscles with each individual stroke? And when combined with complimentary accessory work Row Rage delivers a multi-dimensional punch and the total-body results you are looking for. That’s not all. Runners and cyclists alike have been successfully cross training with rowing to strengthen their weaknesses, improve their posture, build muscle where they had not before, and develop flexibility in the hamstrings and calves. All of this leads them to a better, faster, and stronger performance when getting back on the road.
Rowing also ensures the practice of exceptional body alignment and posture. Focused training keeps you sitting tall while utilizing and strengthening the muscles that will help you to do so long after the workout is complete.
So what can you expect of a Row Rage class?
During a Row Rage class you will begin with instruction on row technique, form, consistency, and power. You will brief the accessory movements of the day’s class. Then strap in to begin a series of variable intervals. These intervals may be short blasts of high intensity, longer periods of low-mid intensity, or a mixture of both. In between which you will also work on accessory movements that will compliment your row and help to attain the toned, sculpted body you desire.