Mad About Crossfit Ethos


At Mad About CrossFit we have created an environment designed for your success. Your health and fitness goals are our goals and as a member of our community you will receive the attention necessary to achieve them.
Our coaches will help you learn what CrossFit is all about, teach you safety and proper technique, and give you guidance as you set out on your path to success. This does not mean you can expect to join our gym, sit back, relax, and suddenly achieve great things. No. You will be expected to put in the time, effort, and dedication that is required to realize your full potential. In doing so, we guarantee your hard work and dedication to your own personal success will allow you to accomplish things you may not have even thought possible!


Our program involves many different lifts and movements and applies different skills and techniques in order to perform each of them properly and safely. As you are introduced to CrossFit (and for as long as you are a CrossFit athlete) there will be plenty of time spent learning and practicing the different lifts and movements in order to become competent and consistent.
Competency will not occur overnight; it cannot be rushed! It takes time and you can expect to spend at least 2-3 months developing consistent technique in the gym before increasing intensity in your workouts. If done so correctly, your body will learn, adapt, and grow, which will allow you to increase the intensity of your workouts in a safe and effective manner. Rushing this process commonly results in injury, frustration, and failure-MACF will not allow this to happen!
Each and every MACF class is led by a highly qualified coach and has allocated time specifically designed to introduce, learn, and practice the different lifts and movements involved in the WOD. This progressive learning style and focus on technique and safety is quintessential in your development as an athlete and a healthier, fitter lifestyle.


CrossFit is also about building a strong community. Mad About CrossFit welcomes anyone and everyone, from friends and family to neighbors and strangers alike. We want you to walk through our door into a strong, supportive community where you will feel comfortable and know the people you are working next to. This type of community is extremely rewarding and you will immediately recognize the benefits of becoming a part of it.
Achieving great things is not easy, but with this incredible support system you will begin to understand that you are capable of accomplishing so much more than you ever thought possible. Whether it’s losing stubborn extra weight, accomplishing something for the very first time, getting cheered on by your classmates, or receiving a friendly ‘pick-me-up’, the community at Mad About CrossFit will always be by your side on your journey to success!