Debunking The Myths

1) "I need to get in shape first before staring CrossFit"

This is a common misconception. Here is the reality: CrossFit is meant for people of all athletic abilities and can be used by anyone with the desire to further their health and fitness. If properly conducted, all wods should be and will be modified and/or scaled to an individuals abilities. At Mad About CrossFit this means loads, number of reps and sets, length of time and distance, and the movement or lift itself can all be modified to fit the individual's abilites. The purpose of this is to allow for inclusiveness and safety.

Of course, if you are brand new to CrossFit, you will likely not be completing the exact wod as someone who has been involved with CrossFit for 2 years. This is not realistic. However, your qualified MACF coach will smartly adapt the wod to your abilities and therefore allow you to safely complete it and get a great workout at the same time. Sooner or later, you WILL be able to complete that very same wod which was not possible in the past.

2) "I am a woman and I do not want to get bulky"

Becoming too muscular or "bulky", as some may say, is definitely a concern for many. After all, those of us who workout likely do so to increase our overall health, to feel good, and to look great as well. However, defining what "looks good" is a matter of personal preference.

If a woman wants to become bulky and muscle bound, she can! If she would like to be strong and slender, she can too! CrossFit will produce whatever your needs and desires are, so long as you put in the hard work.

Yes, many of the women you see competing in the CrossFit games are muscle bound. On the contrary, many are much more slender. No matter what the case, these women are all stellar athletes and ridiculously strong. Their physical appearance is a matter of their natural body type as well as a reflection of their own personal preferences.

With that said, CrossFit is not the culprit of packing on tons of excessive muscle mass. CrossFit makes you strong. Not necessarily bulky. In fact, a great CrossFit program is largely geared toward developing a strong, powerful, and lean body- not bulk. Whether you are looking to add muscle, gain strength, or just shed a few pounds, ask a MACF coach about how you can do so with the proper guidance at Mad About CrossFit.

3) "CrossFit is too dangerous and I do not want to get hurt"

CrossFit is not inherently dangerous. It is a strength and conditioning program, which, if designed properly, will promote health, fitness, and longevity. Not injuries.

Of course, people can get hurt doing anything: rolling an ankle on a curb, falling off a bike, dropping a weight on a toe, etc., and CrossFit is no exception to the rule. However, if you have the proper coaches in place, a humble sense of self, and some common sense, you are much more likely to avoid any such unnecessary injuries.

At MACF, part of our ethos is geared toward teaching safe technique and consistency in all movements and lifts. This means focusing on proper body alignment and mechanics at all times, and developing the ability to repeat movements/lifts over and over with the same consistent technique (without going to failure, compromising your form, and putting yourself at risk of injury). Once an individual has mastered a movement/lift and can consistently and efficiently repeat it, intensity can be considered.

That said, we have all heard the tall tales of horror and seen the crazy (stupid) CrossFit fail videos on the internet. As with anything in life, these must be considered with a grain of salt. These such (rare) examples have not only been compiled to use as a scare tactic, but also created by individuals who do not know or understand the importance of safety and longevity in regard to health and fitness.

A word of advice: Not all CrossFit gyms (and its trainers) are created equal. Do your homework. Seek out the gym which is willing to take the time to teach and promote safety, technique, consistency, and longevity. This will be the gym that will help you meet your goals and keep you injury free at the same time.

4) "CrossFit is too expensive"

The truth is, it's not. Healthcare is too expensive.

In fact, a typical CrossFit membership is competitive with the rates of other group fitness classes such as yoga, pilates, spin, bootcamp, etc. That said, price is not the only variable to be considered. You also must ask yourself what you are getting out of your CrossFit membership and what is it worth to you.

At Mad About CrossFit you are not just another face in a big class. You are given the opportunity to have a highly qualified and experienced coach (who knows you by name) give you both group and one-on-one instruction; teach you new movements, lifts, techniques, and philosophies; motivate you to push yourself harder than you would on your own; give you nutritional advice; and enjoy the camaraderie and energy created within this exciting environment.

Additionally, you will have access to communal events, special discounts on gear and seminars, and build relationships with exceptional people just like yourself.

Ask yourself, are you getting these services at other group fitness classes?

Is the 24 hour fitness club (and it's $10 monthly fee) providing you with these opportunities? Or is it just giving you another reason to skip the gym and sit on the couch?