Getting started at Mad About CrossFit is easy...
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Complimentary Hour
  • Contact us to set up a convenient hour to meet, view the gym, and discuss your goals
Foundations Class Series
  • -Join others who are also brand new to CrossFit in a series of 12 one-hour classes and learn CrossFit method, techniques, movements, lifts, safety, and more!
  • -Safe classroom instruction focusing on form and technique in a clean environment
  • -Learn the value of CrossFit and why it works so well in helping us to reach our health and fitness goals
  • -Build strength, endurance, and metabolic conditioning through a gradual progression of classwork 
  • -Learn the different methods of properly scaling intensity for each individual
  • -Receive nutritional advice that will compliment your active lifestyle
  • -Complete and enjoy great workouts!


Private Training
  • -30 or 60 minute instruction from a well educated and dedicated coach
  • -Privacy and the ability to work to your specific goals, abiliity level, and pace
  • -Sessions that fit into your schedule at your convenience
 Veteran CrossFitter
  • Please contact us using the online form before dropping in for class - thanks!