Row Rage





It's plain and simple; we help you attain your fitness goals regardless of your age, fitness level, perceived limitations or physical ailment. Our specialized teaching of form and technique will ensure your safety and body awareness to ultimately get you feeling energized and fit.

Achieving your full athletic potential consists of more than just a great workout. At MACF we strive to help you understand the body's need for proper nutrition, rest, recovery, a positive mindset, and how to sustain these healthy practices for the long-haul.


What People Are Saying

One of the best aspects of MACF is that they work with all ability levels so even though the classes are group based the coaches still provide one-on-one assistance and can scale the workout to meet your needs. Plus, the group atmosphere is inspiring, allowing you to push yourself and continuously change your goals. I promise the workouts will never get old!


I was familiar with MACF, but was not sure it was for me. In my mind I was not able to do Row or CrossFit. I spent a few weeks learning the basics with Lisa before I was “ready” to go to a class.  Once I went to class I was hooked. The way that Lisa, Jameson, and Diane coach really made me believe that I CAN do it. I really like that everyone there is helpful and encouraging to newcomers like me, and willing to offer advice or pointers. I am now rearranging my schedule to get to MACF as often as possible.

Ray g.

MACF coaches are outstanding! They offer so much more than a method of physical exercise to improve and maintain health. They care about their clients and are life coach mentors!

Elaine H.